Introducing... ADVENTURES OF Apple-B and Sauce
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About Us:
Introducing... Adventures of Apple-B and Sauce
Apple-B and Sauce was an idea and concept thought of by the author,Toni L. Sheppard, over 20 years ago. Finally in 2009 after much research I found that I could self-publish my own children's books. I want children to return to reading, for parents to read to their children and experience the joy of their own childhood. We want to share our book series with our introduction book and our next book, "Juice & Egg Salad Sandwiches."   

As a child I loved going to the mailbox with my mom to get the mail but there was never anything for me.  My parents signed me up for a book club and each month I received some type of game or newsletter and on or near my birthday I would receive a birthday card. I want to bring this experience to your children by offering a Birthday Club and Friends Forever Club so keep returning for future information to join. Introducing... Adventures of Apple-B and Sauce has been a life long dream so, Apple-B, Sauce and I want to treat every child and parent as a new friend. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 
  I used to live in the big city, where   there was a lot of noise, cars riding up and down my street and people all over. 
​  I am Apple-B's new friend. I live in a small town, with no tall buildings, quiet and so much to do. He will love it here.
Apple-B says, "Sauce and I want you to become our Friend."
The Author:

Quick Facts

Name:  Toni L. Sheppard

Occupation:  Author, Minister, Teacher

Education:  Arundel Elementary School #164
                  Cherry Hill Jr. High #180
                  Northwestern High School
                  Coppin State University (B.S. Elementary Education)


Toni L. Sheppard is the author of Introducing... Adventures of Apple-B and Sauce, hoping to become one of the most popular children's books ever written.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland on March 30, 1954. At the age of 10 she moved to Cherry Hill where the adventures for her children's book began. This book along with the future series chronicle the adventures she had with her cousin Preston "Buddy" when they were little exploring the fun and strange areas in their community.

Toni L. Sheppard first published Introducing... Apple-B and Sauce in 2009. With the encouraging of family and friends she revised the cover and had it reprinted in 2016.

Sheppard is also working on the next book in the series titled, Juice and Egg Salad Sandwiches!  She has also been inspired to write a book highlighting her granddaughter who is overcoming kidney disease. This book will be about Molly and her Monsters, Friendly Monsters who will help Molly ward off any diseases or sicknesses that try to invade her body.  Molly also uses her Monsters to take the blame for her many bad actions.

Follow the adventures because the best is yet to come from this author.